Tycoon Terrain Update

The Tycoon Terrain is a powerful asset for the nostalgic tycoon-game developers. With new features and a core upgrade from its origin, the new versions are now out in Unity’s Asset store.

Make sure to sail by and play the new feature demos on our Tycoon Terrain Website!

Tycoon Terrain Asset – Out now

Do you also miss all those awesome tycoon-games of old times?

This is a package that pays homage to all of them albeit in 3D and using Unitys terrain engine. If you ever thought of doing a remake or worthy successor of any of those games this asset should give you a running start.

Check it out on theĀ Asset Store:


The story of my cat

Once upon a time I had a cat.

It was a fat one, orange and shabby and with whiskers as long as my fishing line.
One day it got scared by a shadow and ran into the woods. The shadow was laughing and laughing and my cat was never seen again.

The end.

Introducing the Viking Crew Development website


To subjects and free men alike. This is the initial post of the Viking Crew Development’s website, a common ground for all of our projects, games and games-to-be. Here you can follow their progress and play some of them, as it please you.

Remember, we are a group of free developers doing what we want because of the fun of it. We sincerely hope you’ll enjoy our work just as much as we doing it.

In the moment of writing the site is still under heavy construction. Thralls are good for carrying wood and clean floors but ask them for a bit of PHP and you have a recipe for disaster..

Sincerely, The Viking Crew!